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Hand in Hand Partnership

—— A partnership we value highly.

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Handelsdagarna has a great platform and reach. Therefore, we want to use it to make a difference. This year you will be able to donate to the Sunflower Project by Hand in Hand. 


Pandemic, food shortage, a vulnerable ecosystem - and also war that hits directly against the very poorest. Consequently, the challenges are piling up for those who are already struggling. Project Sunflower supports vulnerable small farmers in Kenya, helping them to make a living in a way that does not jeopardize the livelihood and well-being of future generations. Our mission is to create scalable examples of how strengthened biodiversity can contribute to sustainable food production, while at the same time contributing to reducing poverty.


The goal is to get the majority of the companies to support Hand in Hands Project Sunflower in their important 

Read more about Project Sunflower here:

A Valuable Partnership

Project Sunflower will:

✔ Increase the self-sufficiency of poor smallholder farmers

✔ Reduce the need for imported cooking oil

✔ Create resilience against future crises

✔ Enable schooling and access to care

✔ Provide improved housing and increase savings

✔ Increase empowerment and strengthen self-confidence

✔ Increased understanding of the importance of biological diversity

Why we partner up with Hand in Hand


People trained in entrepreneurship

> 3.4 million

Started or further developed business activities

> 3.4 million

Created or further developed jobs

> 5.1 million

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