Inspirational Lecture with Jane Walerud


14:00 - 15:00


What will be essential for tech startups to become successful and survive in the upcoming 5-10 years? What coming tech-waves do you not want to miss in the creation of your own startup? And how do build the perfect startup team? Jane Walerud is one of Sweden’s biggest angel investors, as well as a serial tech entrepreneur. As one of the first to invest in the successes Klarna, Lensway and Bluetail, she has a strong record of spotting potential and developing it to worldwide companies. She is a member of the Swedish Startup Hall of Fame, a Gold Medal recipient at the Royal Academy of Science (IVA) and a Honorary Doctor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to name a few. Together with her family she runs Walerud Ventures, an investment company focusing on high tech startups with competitive products, and work closely with the startup teams.