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This quiz consists of 18 multiple choice questions. Answer each questions to the best of your ability. There is only one correct answer to each question and you will receive one point for each correct answer. The people who have the highest score will have the chance to win xx.

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1. The new office of this company is located at Norrmalmstorg, a classic location in the Swedish version of the game Monopoly. Therefore, all rooms of the office are named after locations in the game. Which company is this? 
2. This company is the main sponsor for the business committee (NU)
3. This company have for many years been a sponsor of the Swedish Open tennis tournament in Båstad. Because of this, the seats at the Båstad centre court are named after the company. Which company is this?
4. This company started in SSE's Business Lab
5. This company recently partnered with Snoop Dogg
6. This company have participated in the Swedish version of Dragons' Den (Draknästet). Which company is it? 
7. This company was founded in 1923 and was the first company to offer market research.  The company expanded its business in 1932 by creating a retail index that tracked the flow of food and drug purchases. This was the first retail measurement of its kind and  allowed companies to determine their "share" of the market. Which company is this?
8. This company is Anders Borg's biggest startup investment & their top 3 markets are US, Japan and China. Which company is this?
9. The idea of this company was first introduced by an American businessman called Roy Cool. He pitched the idea to two brothers called af Jochnick. The company was first supposed to be called Ovation, but when the two brothers received the first shipment of cosmetics the businessman Roy Cool suddenly disappeared. The two brothers and the initial investors continued the business venture but renamed the company. What company is this?
10. The TV-show Suits takes place at this company's office in Toronto
11. The name of this company derives from the names of the founder's two daughters, Eva and Lisa. Which company is it?
12. This company does not have any bosses
13. Before this firm was into consulting the founder was running a laundry service. Which company is this? 
14. This company has been elected 8 years a row as one of Swedens best workplaces!
15. The two founders of this company met at the Italian café "Bianchi Café & Cycles" in 2012 and ended up starting the company at an office that is approximately 10 meters from that very spot.
16. The consultancy in charge of forming the much hyped cross sector "Swedish Food Arena"
17. This company has its premises in an old bicycle factory
18. This company has owned a banana plantation in Ecuador called Clementine. Which company is this?