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Now, more than ever, we appreciate and emphasize the importance of staying informed about the current circumstances. We ensure that we are well-prepared to make sure that value for both students and companies is maximized regardless of the way in which the fair will be carried out. Safety will unquestionably be of the highest priority, and all necessary measures needed to guarantee a risk-free experience for all involved parties will be taken. Thus, we will stay in close contact to the regulations and recommendations carried out by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. As we believe in what Handelsdagarna brings to the business industry, we will continuously work hard for creating the possibilities for students and employers to kick-off their relationship.

We are currently working on several fronts, hence including different venues and digital options. Since the situation is changeable and may rapidly evolve in both directions, stay tuned for upcoming news!



Handelsdagarna is the largest annual project of SASSE, involving over 150 students helping to organize the fair. It is a tangible expression of the close bond that exists between the business world and SASSE.

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