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Want to get involved in Handelsdagarna as a student?

Apply for Project Group roles in September.

Handelsdagarna is SASSE's largest annual event, and it's no surprise that almost all students attend it. This remarkable week combines professional networking with inspiring lectures from prominent personalities, extravagant banquets, unforgettable afterparties in the Rotunda, and not to mention the coveted HD sponsbags. 


As one of the largest and most influential annual career fairs in Scandinavia, Handelsdagarna aims to connect students with potential employers and provide invaluable insights into various businesses. 


As a SASSE member, you hold a unique opportunity to actively shape Handelsdagarna. In September, you can apply to be part of one of our seven project groups, or you can join as a Host in December. Engaging in this significant project will grant you valuable professional experience and allow you to pursue your interests, be it forging connections with companies, conducting interviews with renowned figures, or orchestrating banquets. No matter your passion, Handelsdagarna has a role tailored just for you!


Finally, we hope to see you all during this amazing week and make it an unforgettable experience together!

/Handelsdagarna committee

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This Year's Fair

Stockholm School of Economics

This year's fair is like no other year. Why? 

Extraordinary companies

Internal events

External events

Inspirational lectures

Last but not least, the fair week is topped off with a Grand Banquet in the atrium!

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