• Industry:

    Banking/Finance, Advisory/Consulting, Real estate

  • Opportunities:

    Full Time

  • Interested in:

    BSc year 3, MSc year 1, MSc year 2

Exhibition day: Friday

Nordanö was founded as Leimdörfer in 1992 and is a leading financial advisory firm for Nordic property related transactions. By combining financial expertise with in-depth knowledge of the property market, Nordanö has advised on a sizeable share of the largest and most complex property transactions in the Nordics. The firm’s offering includes Property Transactions, Corporate Finance and Research. Nordanö has been voted ‘Best Real Estate Adviser’ in Sweden (for nine consecutive years, from 2011-2019) in Euromoney’s annual survey. The team consists of 45 people working solely with property financial advisory, with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

45 employees 
Sweden, Europe