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Welcome to Handelsdagarna 2019!

We hope that you’ll like this year’s fair and in case you are not entirely sure of what to do exactly during the fair, we thought we would give you some tips.


The grand opening. Join us at 10:00 to see President and VP of Handelsdagarna, Ida and Elvira, open the fair. 


Kick-start your day with the Elevator Pitch. The companies attending are given 90 seconds each to sell their USP to You!


Missed the elevator pitch? Check out the app! There you can find information about all the companies that are attending the fair.


Go make your first tour around the floor, there is a lot to take in so give the companies a good look and don’t be shy, the companies are here because they want to meet you! PS. While at the floor, remember to recycle! We’re trying to be as sustainable as possible this year.


Make sure to grab some spons! You will be able to pick your own goodie bag outside of the Aula from 10am both Thursday and Friday.


Catch a lecture! If you can make sure to sign up, otherwise go check if there happen to be vacant seats.


The student lounge – Go take a breather and grab some delicious ice-cream, you’re worth it.


The Web-TV! Watch it live or look at the replays, there are plenty of interesting guests being interviewed. 


Cheese! Go get your new LinkedIn profile picture by a host who will be snapping pictures on a location which is yet to be announced. Make sure your push notifications are on during the fair to find out the location. 


This one you probably wouldn’t have missed anyway… The Banquet!!! Remember that even without a ticket to the sittning you are welcome to join the afterparty!! Tickets by the door at 22:00


sleep – REPEAT!! The companies are not the same on Thursday and Friday, so you get to do it all again, only this time, as a pro.