Web TV

Each year Handelsdagarna live stream from the fair. Here you can view recordings from the fair of 2017

Web-TV Schedule:

10:00 Introduction of the Fair


10:20 Floor segment.

10:45 Micael Bindefeld

11:15 Jan Carlzon

11:40 Pingis Hadenius. CEO for Löwengrip Care&Colour

13:00 Elaine Eksvärd. Famous rhetorician and author

13:20 Visit in the Company-launge

13:40 Andreas König. Founder and CEO by Just Arrived.

14:00 SEB

14:20 Backing Minds. Venture fund

14:40 Arctic Securities

15:00 Visit in the student lounge

15:20 Banquett

15:40 Lars Strannegård

16:00 Summary in the studio


10:00 Introduction of the second day of the fair.


10:20 Elizabeth Kuylenstierna. coach och lecturer.

10:40 KPMG

11:00 Interview about Handelsdagarna’s sustainability work

11:30 Q&A with Babba Canales.

13:00 Calle Schulman. Media icon och entrepreneur.

13:20 Ashkan Pouya. Medgrundare av Serendipity.

13:40 Floor segment.

14:00 Floor segment.

14:20 Per Josefsson. Co-founder at Brummer & Partners.

14:40 Visit in the student lounge

15:00 Business Lab, Prion och Arnium.

15:20 Carl Kugelberg och Gabriella Thulin, President and Vice President of Handelsdagarna

15:40 Floor segment.

16:00 Finishing segment.


Live from Handelsdagarna 2017!

View Handelsdagarna video archive below!

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