Handelsdagarna Banquet


19:00 - 22:00


Finally it is time for the annual HD banquet. As you all know, this year is different. Therefore we have chosen to do something completely different too.
Hereby we invite you to join our liveshow this Friday, 5/2. We will provide you with drink condiments, free dinner and awesome entertainment throughout the night. (We promise, no breakout rooms!)

You can watch the show on your own or in a small group of friends. If you attend as a small group, everyone needs to sign up here. Since we do not have the ability to post anything to you, we will arrange for a safe pick-up at school on Thursday 4/2. If you do not feel comfortable with this or is not currently residing in Stockholm, let us know so that we can arrange a shopping list for you!

Sign up through SASSE.SE here!


The Handelsdagarna Committee & team event