President & Vice President of Handelsdagarna 2017

The President, Carl Kugelberg, together with the Vice President, Gabriella Thulin, are responsible of Handelsdagarna 2017. They organize and manage the project in order to make sure every detail is taken care of. Furthermore, they serve as the primary external representatives.

Lecturers Team

Led by Olivia Backsell

The Lectures Team are looking to find the most prominent personalities who will give memorable lectures during Handelsdagarna. They are trying to get lecturers from many different types of business as well as people engaged in society.

Fair Team

Led by Sofia Arnekull

The Fair Team are involved in the preparations of the fair including decor of the fair floor and close environment. They are also making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the days of Handelsdagarna 2017. The Fair Team are responsible of both companies and visitors during the fair, they will also take care of the lounges for company representatives. In addition to the company lounge they will set up The Student Lounge which is a recreational area in which SSE student can gather to get a break from the fair.

Communications Team

Led by Fanny Widepalm & Clarence von Rosen

Communications Team distributes new and information about the fair alla things surrounding the masses. They are responsible for the upcoming App, website, photographs, content, Facebook page, Instagram account and the legendary snapchat account. In addition to news and social media they are also manage the Web TV which will broadcast live from the fair!

Company Team

HR & Logistics Team

Led by Carl Adam Ahlner

HR & Logistics team have a big responsibility taking care of roughly 100 functionaries with recruitment and scheduling. Besides organizing the functionaries they will make sure all transportation and storage works smoothly.

Event Team

Led by Klara Lönnemark

The Event Team are arranging the two banquets that ends Handelsdagarna 2017. They will make sure all student and company representatives enjoy delicious food, wine, entertainment, great atmosphere and decor. After the banquet the night will carry on in the “Rotunda” and pub with more drinks and musics.

Information Team

Led by Daniel Espelund

Information Team provides all companies with information before the fair as well as assisting them by the information desk during the two fair days. Besides distributing information to the companies they also see to inform other project groups with information about the companies and the fair. The Information Team are also in charge of the interview sessions so that companies are offered to hold interviews with students.

Corporate Relation Team

Led by David Borg

The Corporate Relations team is responsible for all company exposure through sponsorship during the fair. Main tasks include putting together the goodie bags, holding the annual Christmas Calendar and during the fair offering sample products from a wide variety of companies. The team works closely with many of the other teams in order to ensure that students as well as sponsoring companies get the most out of Handelsdagarna.