Project Group Recruitment 2018

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Events - Jessica Sköldin - 6 roles

Events – JESSICA (6 pers)


Head of Banquet x2

To finish off two amazing fair days, Handelsdagarna will be hosting two banquets. These will be two of the biggest banquets of the year with students and company representatives enjoying delicious food, wine, entertainment and great company. Your job would be to plan these two banquets and make it the best ones in Handelsdagarna’s history (no pressure). For this position you should be an organized and problem-solving person with leadership skills and a creative mind.


Head of Pub x2

What is a party without an after party? After the banquet the night will carry on in the “rotunda” and pub.  If you know how to make an after party the highlight of the night by combining music, entertainment, drinks and decor, then this position is for you. Previous experience working in a bar or similar is a plus but not a must. For this position you should be good with handling personnel and staying energetic during the nights.


Head of Decor x 1

The Handelsdagarna banquets and after parties are nothing like other parties, we put a lot of effort into transforming our venues into something totally different which makes the guests’ jaws drop. As head of decor you will help the rest of the event team with interior and decorations. For this role we are looking for someone very creative, who likes to think outside the box, and likes to turn simple things into something great. You will be doing planning and creating – pyssla as we say in swedish.


Head of Internal Festivities x 1

Do you love to bring people together and see them building friendships? Do you know how to make people get along and have a good time together? Then this is something for you. Without the people of Handelsdagarna the fair would not exist. We are like a family and will spend a lot of time together. As head of internal festivities you will make sure that we all put work aside to also have fun together and get to know everyone, through dinners, parties, ”fika” and chill outs. For this role you need to be creative, social and enjoy organizing events.


Fair - Jacob Cederberg - 8 roles

Fair – JACOB (8 pers)


Fair Coordinator (x2)

The Fair Hosts will be highly involved in the preparations of the fair and responsible of making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the whole fair. These roles will cooperate with the other Fair Hosts as well as having a close contact with the Head of Fair. Therefore, the Fair Hosts need to be capable of cooperating well with others, be structured and don’t mind taking on responsibility. Skills such as being a problem solver and being able to remain calm and professional in hectic situations are favorable.

1x Fair Coordinator – focus: sustainability

In addition to what’s written above: Our goal is to always become better at respecting the environment. Your role as a Fair Host with focus on sustainability will help the fair and the companies to come up with ideas to reduce our/their carbon footprint and follow these through.

1x Fair Coordinator – focus: fair floor

In addition to what’s written above: Your role will focus on the fair floor. How can we use the assigned space in the most efficient way? How can we satisfy the exhibiting companies needs? How can we attract more visitors and make the fair floor appealing?

Head of Student Lounge

The Student Lounge is the recreational area in which the SSE students can gather to get a break from the fair. As Head of Student Lounge you will be responsible of creating a social and friendly atmosphere. For this position an “outside-the-box” way of thinking is suitable, as well as being capable of being enthusiastic in order to engage the students. Your role will also be responsible for the contact with potential sponsors to implement your ideas for your lounge.

Head of Décor

As Head of Decor you are designing and decorating the environment of the fair. As Head of Decor you will have to be creative and use your fantasy to make as much as possible out of your dedicated budget. Being structured and a great planner who can attract sponsors to make the fair floor even prettier/more creative is a big bonus. To sum up you will be responsible for turning your fun ideas into reality.

Head of Company Lunch

As Head of Company Lunch you are responsible for organising the lunches for the company representatives. It is important that you are a good communicator who likes to coordinate arrangements. The work will include contact with the catering firm, arranging and decorating the dining room and making sure all “guests” are having an pleasent time.

Head of Company Lounge

The fair area is usually hectic and stressful; therefore, company representatives need the Company Lounge for recreation and/or relaxation. Being the Head of Company Lounge you will be responsible for planning and managing an environment that fills this purpose. Your role will also be responsible for potential sponsors to implement your ideas for your lounge.

Head of Host Lounge

The Host Lounge is dedicated for the people working with Handelsdagarna. As Head of Host Lounge you will be in charge of designing and setting up a lounge where all hosts, project group- and committee members can relax. The tasks will include ordering food, arranging seating areas and making sure everybody is having a good time. You will turn a classroom into a sweet lounge. Your role will also be responsible for potential sponsors to implement your ideas for your lounge.


Head of Logistics

As the Head of Logistics you are the quiet mastermind of Handelsdagarna. You will be the spider in the web, responsible of planning and monitoring all the logistics, making sure every delivery goes to the right place at the right time – every time. You will need to be able to work well under pressure and have a set of organizational skills.

Marketing - Amanda Olsson - 5 roles

Marketing and Communication – AMANDA (5 pers)


Marketing is all about connecting people with each other, if you would like to be the one making that happen we hope you will apply for any of the following positions. We estimate that all roles will need you to spend approximately three hours per week but will get more intense from December onwards. Since the positions are connected to one another we will work closely as a team.


Head of Web

Our website is the core point for information and as responsible for you get the opportunity to develop, design and update the site. If you ever had your own blog or have a general interest in design and technology this is something for you. Use wordpress to put your ideas in to action and make the website attractive, informative and user friendly.


Head of App

With an app launch earlier this year, it is a key opportunity for us to develop functionality of the app. Explore and implement ideas such as QR-codes and match & meet etc. to connect people not just on the fair but also digitally. In this role you use illustrator as a tool for your ideas and work together with a professional programmer. We believe you are a structured person that pay attention to detail as well as a good communicator.


Head of Content

In this role you get to design both social media and printed content, such as Facebook updates and various printed items. Knowledge in illustrator and indesign is helpful. As a person you are creative, structured and a real team player as you will be interacting with several other groups within the project.


Head of Photography

As the photographer you get the pleasure of gathering the memories we make within the project group and during the fair days. If you like photography and want to develop your skills further this is an opportunity for you. You will work in either photoshop or lightroom, editing your photos and also creating photo content for social media. As a person you should be creative and not afraid to try new ideas.

Sponsorship - Filip Flenhagen - 4 roles

Sponsorship – FILIP (4 pers)

Sponsorship Coordinator

This position is for the organized and ambitious mind who possesses the ability to structure and see the broader picture. Are you good at seeing the broader picture, but still able to catch the details? Then you might be Handelsdagarnas next Sponsorship Coordinator! As the new Sponsorship Coordinator your main task is to make sure that the logistics of all spons is working smoothly. Moreover, you will work closely with our main sponsors as well as the rest of the Sponsorship Team. Since you will be working closely with the sponsors and partners of Handelsdagarna 2018, being a part of the Sponsorship Team provides a great opportunity to further develop your organizational skills, and expanding your social network while doing it!


Sponsorship Special Events (x3)

Sales, creative thinking and personal relations. If these words appeal to you, Sponsorship Special Events may be the perfect position for you! At this position, you, together with the rest of the Sponsorship Team, will be responsible for gathering all the amazing spons that will put a final touch to Handelsdagarna 2018. All spons is good spons which means that the only limitation is your imagination! Since you will be working closely with the sponsors and partners of Handelsdagarna 2018, being a part of the Sponsorship Team provides a great opportunity to not only further develop your social skills, but also expanding your social network while doing it!


HR - Ebba Jerre - 1 role

Human Resources – EBBA (1 pers)



As HR-assistant you are going to work closely with Head of HR. Together you are responsible for roughly 100 functionaries during Handelsdagarna. The job includes recruitment, scheduling and communication before and during the fair – thus you will be doing lots of emailing and spend plenty of time in excel. As HR-assistant you should be organized, cooperative and confident with all kinds of communication.

Information - Emma Traaholt - 5 roles

Information  – EMMA (5 pers)


Company Information (x3)

This position includes providing all companies with the right information before the fair, as well as assisting them by the information desk during the two days. As Company Assistant you’ll be in close contact with the companies. Apply for this position if you are confident writer, service-minded, structured and cooperative.  


Head of Interview Sessions (x2)

In this position, you will be working in a team of two and organizing the interview sessions that companies are offered to hold with applying students. You will be handling all the applications as well as arranging and setting the interview schedule. Apply for this position if you are structured, driven and enjoy team effort.

Lectures & Broadcasting - Carl Tengblad - 4 roles

Lectures & Broadcasting – CARL (4 pers)


Lecture Assistant (2x)

As Lecture Assistant you will take part in the process of attracting and accommodating prominent personalities from various of fields who will give memorable and inspirational lectures during Handelsdagarna.

This is not only a great opportunity to engage in the Student Association’s largest project, but also a chance to meet and interact with some of the most well-known and acknowledged personalities that Sweden has to offer. The Lecture Assistant is someone who is not afraid to interact with people (no matter who it is), has great attention to detail and who can charm any prospective guest to join us at the fair.


Web TV producer (1x)

The web-TV producer is responsible for all the broadcasting during the event. Web-TV, pre-recorded advertisements and live commentary from the event – you name it. You will set the standard, not only for the content, but also for every publication’s artistic design.

You will work closely with prominent companies and be involved in the process of attracting exciting and inspiring guests to our web-TV series.

The producer is comfortable with a lot of responsibility and quick on their feet. Problems will arise during live TV and it is up to you to solve the problem smoothly.


Web TV presenter (1x)

Always prepared for the unexpected? The Web-TV presenter is Handelsdagarna’s Skavlan, Malou von Sivers, Letterman or Oprah. Your job is to do live interviews and commentary with well-known Swedish and international personalities. You will be in the studio during the entire event – always with a smile on your face.

Every guest is different and it is up to you to make him/her feel comfortable and establish a firm ground for an entertaining and giving discussion. You will do research on every guest and prepare for every interview. Though, be aware you have to be spontaneous and prepared to go off script at any time in order to deliver a great interview.

The TV-presenter is comfortable speaking both Swedish and English.