Handelsdagarna arrange inspiring lecturers at SSE to motivate and inspire our visitors



Ströms Man & Woman

  • “Dress for success”

You have finally managed to get an interview for that dream job of yours. How should you dress for the interview? No one wants to miss the chance of a great job just because you dressed inappropriately. And how about the rest of your career, what to wear? Ströms Man & Woman will in this lecture, guide both men and women in business fashion and teach you general code of conduct and how to dress for success.

(This lecture will be held in Swedish)


Mikael Schiller, Executive Chairman of Acne Studios

  • “Time at SSE and the Acne journey”

About the lecture and lecturer: 

Mikael Schiller is the executive chairman of Acne Studios, where he also acted as CEO between 2001 to 2011. During his time in executive roles Acne has grown into a worldwide recognized fashion company with a distinct brand image. With flagship stores located in cultural hubs around the globe, from Berlin, New York City to Seoul and Tokyo combined with its online commerce the brand is continuously expanding its market presence.

During his lecture at Handelsdagarna Mikael Schiller will cover his journey with Acne Studios and the radical changes in consumer behaviour the company has seen during the past fifteen years. He will also address the challenges of cultural differences in international collaborations. Lastly Mikael will share with us his lessons learned as a student at SSE.

Educational Background: 

Mikael holds a Master of Science degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

(This lecture will be held in English)

Jan Carlzon, former CEO of SAS Group

  • “The customer-driven and charitable leadership”

Jan Carlzon, former president and CEO of the Scandinavian Airlines Group, frequently speaks about strategic leadership and service management in customer-driven organisations. Jan Carlzon uses his experience as a corporate leader to educate decision-makers on the importance of strategic leadership and staff motivation.

In 1985 Carlzon spelled out his management and staff motivation philosophies in the best-selling book, “Moments of Truth” (Riv Pyramiderna), which has been translated into 22 languages. After 30 years, it is still ranked as one of the best international business books ever written.

In 2010 Bonnier/Forum published the book “Historiens viktigaste svenskar” (History’s most important Swedes). Jan Carlzon was selected among the Swedes that have had “the greatest influence on Swedish people’s lives, and also people’s lives around the world”. Of the listed who have made their contribution, as business leaders, only two of those are still alive, Jan Carlzon and Ingvar Kamprad.

Educational Background

Jan graduated with an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics in 1967.

(This lecture will be held in Swedish)

Dilsa Demirbag Sten, Co-Founder of Berättarministeriet

  • “Diversity as a resource to reach the goals”

About lecture and lecturer

With her important work, both as author and journalist Dilsa has become a sought-after voice and frequent commentator on topics such as integration, honour violence, religious oppression of women and Islamic fundamentalism.

In November 2011 she co-founded “Berättarministeriet” that offers writing facilities for children in socio-economically challenged areas. The endeavour for “Berättarministeriet” is to encourage children to through creative methods offered by storytelling master the language as an entry point for better integration. After finishing her studies, she also spent some years working at Riksteatern, Amnesty International and as special adviser to the former Swedish Minister for Integration Leif Blomberg.

Educational Background

Dilsa has a degree within Political Science and History from Stockholm University and Karlstad University.

(This lecture will be held in Swedish)

SEB, Anette Andersson

  • “Sustainability and responsible investments”

Anette Andersson, ESG Investment Specialist, SEB Investment Management, SEB’s fund company. She has been working in the financial industry for more than 25 years.  For 10 years she was managing the church of Swedens equity portfolio as well as SEB’s Swedish ethical equity fund. Sustainable investments have moved from the perception of “treehuggers” and poor returns to value creation. But is it possible to invest sustainably and get good returns?  Come and listen to some practical tips and dilemmas that a bank and asset manager faces when integrating sustainability.

(This lecture will be held in English)


Kristoffer Melinder, Managing Partner, Nordic Capital

About the lecture and lecturer

Being one of the names on the Forbes’ list of the “Top 50 Dealmakers in private equity” says something about Kristoffer’s accomplishments. Kristoffer is today Managing Partner at NC Advisory AB, the advisor to the Nordic Capitals Funds, where he joined back in 1998. He is currently Chairman of Nordic Capital portfolio company GHD GesundHeits and he also holds board member positions at Lindorff, AniCura and Greenfood. Prior to Nordic Capital, he served in the Leveraged Finance and Advisory Group at J.P. Morgan in London from 1996 to 1998.

Educational background

Kristoffer holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and the University of Cologne. He attended the Swedish Army Language School and spent one year in Bosnia as UN officer.

(This lecture will be held in English)

Babba Canales, Director of Brand Marketing at Away

  • “Q&A” (in collaboration with Handelsdagarna Web TV)

About the lecture and lecturer

Before taking the role of Marketing Manager for Uber in New York City, Babba Canales launched the rideshare giant in Stockholm, at only 22 years of age. By focusing on the concept “Uber is for everyone” and thereby democratization of the private driver experience, Babba made the launch in the Swedish capital the fastest-growing in Uber’s history.

At the age of 25, she has left Uber’s headquarters in New York, in order to pursue her entrepreneurial dream and is now the brand chief of the start-up company Away. Away is a company that manufactures and sells “First Class luggage at a coach price” to the modern traveller.

In 2015 she was ranked no 1 at Veckans Affärer’s listing over the Business World’s 101 Super Talents, and was also ranked on the prestigious Forbes line-up, 30 Under 30: The 30 Under 30 Transforming the Business of Marketing.

Educational background

International sales & marketing at the professional university Sälj & Marknadshögskolan.

(This lecture will be held in English)

KPMG, Marie Wirkestrand & Adam Eklund

“Digital labour: Workforce of the future”

We are facing the fourth industrial revolution where the usage of big data increases, more or less everything ties together through internet of things and machines are increasingly gaining intelligence. Predictions show a future where cognitive systems will be able to mimic our brain functions to perceive things beyond traditional input, to reason, and learn. During this session we will try to answer the questions, what is digital labour and what does it mean for the future of companies and people?

(This lecture will be held in English)

Ashkan Pouya, Co-Founder of Serendipity Group

About the lecture and lecturer

Serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of the business group, Serendipity Group, where he also acted as CEO between 2004-2010. Serendipity was founded in 2004 with the goal to identify, develop, and invest in technologies and trends with global market potential. The company holds a diverse portfolio of listed and privately held companies within Cleantech, Medtech, Biotech, Advanced material, and Animal health.

Between 2010-2011 he was the director of innovation at Lund University. During his active years in sports Ashkan was a successful martial artist, and in the year of 2000 he became the world champion in Combat Jujitsu.

Educational background

Ashkan has a degree in Economics from Uppsala University and has done further studies at Queens University in Canada.

(This lecture will be held in English)

Johanna Möllerström, Professor of Economics

  • “Career advice – for men and women! – from experimental gender economics”

About the lecture and lecturer

After a position as Assistant Professor at George Mason University, Johanna is from fall 2016 Professor of Economics at Humboldt University, Berlin. She is also head of the department of Competition and Consumers at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin. Her main research interests are centred around behavioural, experimental and public economics.

Educational background

Master of Science degree at the Stockholm School of Economics, PhD in Economics at Harvard University, the financial sector, local politics in Sundbyberg as well as eight years of research in the USA.

(This lecture will be held in English)