Interview Sessions

  • What is Interview Sessions?

    The interview sessions creates an opportunity for companies and students to meet one another during formal interviews in a more relaxed setting at Stockholm School of Economics. Students will apply for an interview and thereby an opportunity to meet with up to 8 companies. The purpose is to give companies the opportunity to evaluate candidates, and to provide students with relevant experience. The outcome is up to you, so make sure to come prepared and to make a good impression – past applicants have gotten job offers following interview sessions! Students can apply by uploading their CV and a cover letter to the companies of their choice. Make sure to tailor you cover letter to the company you are applying to – explain why you are interested in the company, and what you bring to the table! Make this interview your own!

    There is a choice of multiple companies to apply for and subsequently they will choose a couple of candidates who gets an interview opportunity. To find out more about a company you can click on their logo below. Keep in mind that the list of companies is still being updated. Please note that you can now only apply to the new companies. You can see those in the second step in the form to the right!

    The application period is now closed! The companies are now making their selections and all students will be notified wether they got an interview or not the week before the fair. If you have any questions regarding the interview sessions please do not contact the companies yourself. Instead feel free to contact Wendela or Karl

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Companies that will offer interview sessions