Ciceron Group

Ciceron Group
  • Industry:

    Retail/E-commerce, Brand Experience / Marketing / Events

  • Opportunities:

    Internship, Part Time, Full Time

  • Interested in:

    BSc year 1, BSc year 2, BSc year 3, MSc year 1, MSc year 2

Exhibition day: Thursday

Ciceron is Stockholm based leading Brand Emotions Agency helping clients connect with their audiences worldwide. Through strategy & concept development, communications, best-in-practice service and project management, we design meetings and experiences that create an emotional connection between a brand and its most important stakeholders: business partners, end consumers/users and employees. We understand what engages people and help clients bring “on-paper” strategies to life. Solutions include: Sales Incentives, Trade Fairs, Brand Ambassador Staffing, Influencer Campaigns, Road Shows, Experiential Marketing, Product Launches – in essence – all that relates to engaging target audiences.

25 employees
Sweden, Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, Oceania