30 minutes left!

Now it is only 30 minutes left until the fair opens! Come and join us at the opening ceremony.

Fair Mingle Guide

This year Handelsdagarna have their very own snapchat geofilter! We would like to thank SSE Career Center for making this possible. Furthermore, SSE Career Center have made a short career mingle guide which is available for all SSE students. It’s very helpful if you...

Elevator Pitch

You are now able to see the companies that will be joining the Elevator Pitch of Handelsdagarna 2018! Click here!

Download Handelsdagarna App

Make sure to download Handelsdagarna App! One person will be able to win tickets for the Handelsdagarna Banquet.

Interview Sessions

Interview Sessions will close tonight (8th of January 2018) at 23:59 so make sure to apply now!

Host Recruitment

The Host Recruitment opens up on the 15th of December at 12:00. Find more information on our Facebook page or meet us tomorrow (15th of December at 12:00) in the...