Eco-Certified Fair

Handelsdagarna is certified as an eco-labelled event (Miljömärkt Event), in cooperation with the organisation Håll Sverige Rent.

Handelsdagarna 2017 is certified as an eco-labelled event (Miljömärkt Event)

“Keep Sweden Tidy manages an environmental award: Eco-labelled Event – The Foundation’s Environmental Award for Events (Miljömärkt Event) are given to public events, for example contests and concerts, which work actively on reducing their environmental impact.”

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The major areas of this year’s sustainable development are digitalization, recycling, carbon offset as well as food and beverage. The serving of food and beverages is the single largest area of impact.


Actions resulting in:

  • Digital app replaces 1200 printed catalogues
  • Chicken instead of red meat on banquet menu saves approximately 2484 kilos carbon dioxide
  • 50 % of the lectures lunches will be vegetarian
  • Reusable goodie bags in canvas instead of 1200 disposable paper bags
  • Recycling stations for all parts of the fair, including the events and banquets, divided in six different fractions
  • Carbon offset program to compensate for the project’s environmental footprint